Go Kit

Part 2 - cont: Microservices - Create the App with Go-kit

This is the continuation of the previous blog post, where I explained the microservices architecture using GO Kit framework. I strongly recommend you to read the previous post as it gives you the insights into what I’ll cover this post. I talked already about the two layers of the onion architecture: Service and Endpoints. In this post I’ll cover the Transport layer and put everything together in the main function.
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Part 2: Microservices - Create the App with Go-kit

This is the second blog post of the series, where I dive into the process details and the framework I used to create the toy project. It is made up of several distinct microservices. There are a number of microservice frameworks in the wild but the most notable ones for GO are Go Micro, Go-Kit, Gizmo. Go-Kit is the one which has prompted my interest, I’m explaining below why. Asa starting point I’m creating a small application, formed by two microservices.
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