UI Flutter Rest API

In my previous posts I wrote the backend for Items Inventory application and display the items with a simple Web interface using HTML and JavaScript. In this article I’ll show how to create a Mobile UI using the Flutter toolkit. This is the second post in a series and maybe the most exciting one for me as this is my first Flutter application. The app retrieve the Items by invoking the backend REST API.
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Items Rest API & Web Page

In the HTTP Web Services I talked about the best practices on creating HTTP Web Services. My blog post was inspired by a number of articles about structuring GO code, written by a number of well-known individuals of GO community. I would recommend to read that first and then come back here. This is a continuation of that blog post, as I’ll implement persistent storage using Firestore, instead of keeping all the data in Memory.
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HTTP Web Services

In this blog post I describe the process to create a simple Inventory app, following some best practices and guidelines of writing web services in GO. Building a web service in Go is quite simple, in fact Go has a fast and powerful built in HTTP server. It takes just a couple of lines of code to get a basic HTTP server started. ListenAndServe starts an HTTP server with a given address and handler.
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